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Post Empty Status on Facebook

Post Empty Status on Facebook

How would you feel if you see a blank status update from someone?

You can’t write a blank status update by simply pressing the Space key and then clicking on Post button.Instead you have to use special codes to write a blank character in your facebook status. Continue reading


Ditch The Facebook And Join To Google+

Many analysts wonder about the likelihood of success of Google’s new social network Google+ and its ability to compete with Facebook. I think we can not compare Google+ with Facebook because it is not just another social network, but it is a new entity on the Internet that made Google restructure its services – we cannot deny that Facebook has the lead in social networking and has a huge user base. But there are reasons that made ​​me think of doing away with Facebook, and use Google+ instead. Continue reading

Skype Free Voucher codes 60 Minutes Free Credit

Get Skype Free Voip Calling Voucher Codes for 60 MinutesFree Skype Creditworth €1.17Skype is Voip Calling Sevice user make high quality calls anywhere in the world and skype anthoer feature is instant messaginig service. Continue reading

Integrate Facebook With Google+

Integrate Facebook With Google+

Google+ is the current hottest social networking website.People are navigating from facebook to test this new social networking website.So,many of us have our accounts on both Facebook as well as Google+.Now you can integrate Google+ and facebook and can see the news feed of both from a single window. Continue reading

How To: Access Facebook if it is Blocked at Your School or Office

Facebook is the most popular social networking site as of now and there are more than 750 million Facebook profiles. But it is again the most time sucking thing in the world too. People spend most of the time in Facebook that it affects their productivity, so in most of the places were a drop in productivity would mean something big, Facebook isblocked.

Continue reading

Back To Old Chat System In Facebook

Many new additions were made to Facebook chat in the recent days, which had made it all the more user-unfriendly. The recent change was the most annoying among all, the sidebar chat feature, which jumbles up offline contacts too, which makes it difficult to find who is online and who is not Continue reading