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3G Free Unlimited Service on Tata Docomo

3G Free Unlimited Service on Tata Docomo

Hello Friends,

Are you tired of using the low speed 2G service? I know your answer is ‘YES’. We all want to lay our hands on the latest high speed 3G service which gives a  download speed of 500 kbps to 1000 kbps. Today I will show a trick using which you can use unlimited 3G service for free.

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AIO (Multi/2010) Free download WiFi Tools Hack

WiFi Tools Hack AIO (Multi/2010) | 2.07 GB

This is a nice program for free internet hack, this pack will give you a chance to enjoy free internet and feel a freebie. The archives are cracking programs, discovery, optimization, tuning, monitoring and scanning Wi-Fi networks. After all, who does not love a to use free internet Continue reading

Domain Name Hijacking

Now how it works??

When we bought a domain name, we also get a control panel for full control on this domain name. From this control panel we point our domain to the web server where our files are actually host.

For ex- I have a domain name and i bought hosting at a server then for working of our website we need to setup our domain to point to our web hosting server

Now how domain hijacked??

For hijacking a domain name, you need to get access the domain name control panel and point out it to your website server from it’s original server. In above example, suppose a person Y wants to hack the domain name He will try to get access to the control panel of the domain name After doing this he will change it to point where Y has hosted his website. Now we can see thaty the original website was on but now it changes to All visitors of will see a different website now.

How to get access to the domain control panel??

To hijack a domain name it is necessary to get access to the domain name control panel. For this we need 2 infornmations.

  1. Domain name registrar
  2. Administrative email associated with this domain Continue reading