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Auto-Complete Words On Your Mac

This is a rather cool quick tip that can save you a lot of time. Most modern search boxes now a days have a drop down auto-complete feature to help you complete words a lot quicker, this is generally useful and can save you some time and effort. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could expand this auto-complete feature to more text boxes around your operating system. Thankfully you can. Simply press Command + Period (or full stop) and your Mac will bring up a list of words which you can use to complete the word you are typing.

This drop down menu appears in pretty much any text box areas such as Mail, TextEdit to name a few. You start typing a word, press Command + Period and a list will appear that you can scroll through and use to complete the word you are typing. Useful if you have a long word that have a very specific start and you don’t want to type the whole thing out. You can scroll through with the arrow keys and select your work with either the tab or return/enter key.

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Change The Dock Right Click Menu Names

When ever your right click on a Dock item you will notice there is a list of items. Have you ever wondered how these items are created and if you can change them? Well you are in luck. This post will hopefully show you how you can change them to something a bit different. Its quite simple to do however you do need to err on the side of caution as you are altering system files. You only need TextEdit so it shouldn’t be too complicated.

1) To begin we need to find the file that the Dock is using to generate the names for the menu item. Open up Finder and navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices.

2) Right Click on item named Dock and select Show Package Contents and then navigate to /Contents/Resources/English.lproj if you are using a different language go to your respective language folder.

In this folder is a set of text files called strings. Strings essentially allow the program to name an item within the code and then assign a different language to that name. This ensures an item named “Quit” says “Quit” in English and “Salir” in Spanish (I hope Google Translate worked correctly). We are going to play around with this file so it can say something different.

3) Select DockMenus.strings and copy it to the desktop. While you are there may a second copy as a backup.

When you open this file you will notice something very specific. Every item is made up of two parts. One section in capitals, the other in normal text Continue reading