Yahoo Contributor Network Launch Money Making Opportunities

shared and posted a lot of articles related to money making opportunities in this blog. One of the website which I often link most is Yahoo Finance. There are so many writers contributing their knowledge and ideas at Yahoo Network. I was wondering if these writers get paid and perhaps there might be a chance that I can join the big money making opportunitiesfamily. I did a little bit of research and it turns out we might have a chance to make money at Yahoo, but the window is going to be small if you’re not US resident.

You can make money as writer, photographer and videographer in Yahoo Contributor Network. There are about 600 million monthly online visitors at Yahoo. Once you’re accepted as a contributor in Yahoo, I’m sure you’ll make good money. Sign up is FREE, so start register now. The things that you can contribute are articles, videos, audios and images. There are lots of topic which you can choose to contribute for example Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports Yahoo News and many more. Just take a look at Yahoo pages and you’ll have an idea of what kind of stuff people contributes and make money. There is one thing that you might notice when you check out the authors at Yahoo pages. Most of the authors or contributors are US residents. Only US residents who are at least 18 years old are eligible for payment. International contributors have to apply for Featured Contributor Program in order to get paid. Those of you who own a blog or have been uploading your work in writing, images or videos for some time and are good at a specific field will have a good chance accepting into the program.

Payments are done via PayPal almost instantly for US contributors. International contributors will get paid when earning reaches the minimum payout of $100. Contributors will receive performance payment if the content uploaded draws lots of traffic. There is also an up-front payment offered before the content published. There are lots of programs offered by Yahoo Contributor Networkfrom time to time. If you’re good in writing, taking photos or shooting videos, you’ll find lots of money making opportunities within.

Yahoo Contributor Networkhas a big community. Being accepted as a contributor will brings more than just money making opportunities but also connections and exposure. Plus, you’ll get lots of helps on promoting your content, tutorials, search engine optimization guides and many useful resources. There are lots more benefits which I did not mention, guess you just have to figure it out by becoming part of the Yahoo community.