Call And Send Free Sms Worldwide?

Most of you might have heard about Google Voice which provides great free VOIP service within USA. However, Google Voice is not free for people outside USA. When you try to visit Google Voice home page from anywhere but USA, it says that Google Voice is not available in your country. Today, we bring you a hack that will let you use Google Voice to send and receive free SMS anywhere in the world.


  • A smart Phone (iPhone, Blackberry or other smart phones)
  • Internet connection
  • Two Google Voice Accounts


If you have a smart phone you can download the google voice application for it. If Google does not have an application for your device you can still use web version which you can access from your phone’s web browser.

You will need a Google voice Account . If you are outside USA you can use a proxy such as hidelinkonline to create Google Voice account. Remember that you will need one account for each person that you want to send (or receive) SMS to (from). Google Voice comes with a USA phone number that you have the option to choose from host of numbers.

Once you have the accounts set up you can login to your phone using this information. The good thing is that this application works on GPRS too. Moreover, you can use GPRS without the special data plan for iPhone.

After you have logged into your application successfully, you can send SMS to any number in USA and Canada. Since all your friends now have a Google Voice Number you can sms them and they can reply back on your Google voice number. Your friends or partners need not be within the same country. They can be anywhere in the world. This is totally free SMS service for you.


You call also use it in india with changing your ip address 🙂