Show Network Activity by using Keyboard LED’s

Most of the modern keyboards have three inbuilt LED lights forNum Lock,Caps Lock and Scroll Lock.But they are idle for most of the time and we usually use only Caps Lock LED.Now we can use Num Lock LED and Scroll Lock LED to show networking activity.They will blink whenever you send or receive some data using internet.

We will be using a very small freeware utility called Network Lights only 75 kb in size and it doesn’t require any installation.I have tested this utility in windows 7  and it works fine.







How To Show network Activity Using Keyboard LED’s?

  • Download Network Lights
  • Open the file and click on Networklights.exe file
  • It will automatically minimize into your taskbar and from now onwards your keyboard LED’s will show network activity.
  • If you want to exit this utility simply right click on the taskbar icon and click on Exit