Get Free Facebook T-shirts

My dear Friends,
Now the facebook is trying to popularize its social network among all kind of people. New trick is distributing Facebook Labelled T-shirts for free to esteemed users. Many Distributors are arranging this facility to users. Because many billion users around the world has a demand of Facebook T-shirts. In India there are many distributors available to send T-shirts.
In the next few days it become popular among youths. They are having separate section for Male and Female.
And also they are giving T-shirts in following size:
1. Small
2. Medium
3. Large
4. X-Large

You can prefer following colors:

1. White
2. Blue
3. Black
4. Gray
5. Pink

But these providers are requesting to join in their groups and pages for the publicity of Facebook T-shirts through their site. That is not a big thing when compare with a beautiful T-shirt.

Note: Only the Valid Facebook Users only get T-shirt for each email and delivery address associated to it.

Some of the websites are listed below to request a Facebook T-shirt.

Hurry don’t miss it……….