Block Autorun Malware using Bitdefender free tool

Autorun malware is the most widely found in the computer systems and removal devices. Most of the windows users are affected by this malware. The famous antivirus vendor company BitDefender has launched a free tool to protect windows user from this malware. Dubbed BitDefender USB Immunizer the application doesn’t require any installation. It comes as a single executable which provides a simple user interface. It has 2 options for protection one for computer and other for removable media.
There is a drop-down list which allows users to select the device and press an immunize button.
Working of this device is very simple. This tool creates a folder called autorun.inf with read only, hidden and system attributes on the device and each drive of system. It contains a sub-folder and two empty files. The reasoning behind this procedure is to prevent AutoRun malware from creating the rogue autorun.inf files which it requires for propagation.

Download here